What We Do

  • Worship God and study His Word together
  • Help each other
  • Pray for one another
  • Give to those in need
  • Lay hands on sick people until they’re healed!
  • Visit the widows and orphans
  • Do life TOGETHER

How We're Different

We are not just a group of young adults who gather for “service,” but we are a body of radical believers who are committed to Christ-centered ACTivism. Sometimes, we don’t gather for service at all! We go out and SERVE our community, serve each other, and attend service together to build our unity, doctrine, and faith.

Our Movement

This generation is looking for something real. Real relationships, real power, making a real difference… Welcome to the ACTS family! God wants to use the yearnings of this generation to revive the church, bringing it back to the way it was designed to be. The church began as recorded in the book of Acts as a group of people, not a building. The Holy Spirit filled them and they met people’s needs and demonstrated the power of God, opening people’s hearts to receiving the Gospel.

They weren’t pretending. They were real with each other, confessing their faults to each other, praying for one another, and getting free (James 5:16). They were loving each other and sharing with those that had need. The Word says that the world should know us by the way we love each other (John 13:35), and they accomplished this.

They met in the temple to worship and learn, and they met in each other’s houses to break bread. ACTS meets bi-weekly on Tuesdays all together to worship and learn and then in Life Groups in homes or on college campuses for discipleship through relationship. We serve each other and our community.

We don’t just talk about what should be done, but we move on it. We aren’t just hearers of the Word, but doers. We are the church in ACTion.

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